Security+ Objective 1.4 Carry out the appropriate procedures to establish application security – ActiveX

The next few items are pretty easy to deal with on the Security+ exam. There really isn’t too much that you have to know about them.
ActiveX is basically a way to make web pages do more than HTML is capable of. Let’s say you go to a photo website and want to upload your photos. With traditional web pages you would have to upload one photo at a time. So, that website might have an ActiveX control that you can install which allows you to upload hundreds of photos simultaneously. ActiveX just made life much easier!
But wait… If ActiveX makes web pages do more than HTML is capable of, couldn’t bad guys use it for evil? Absolutely! They could use it to erase all of your photos, or take control of your webcam and take some new photos, or just about anything else a program could do. You need to know this for the exam.
You also need to know that you can disable unauthorized ActiveX controls to protect your organization’s users from malicious code. This means they will have to upload one photo at a time unless an administrator authorizes it, but hey, they shouldn’t be doing that at work anyway!

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