Security+ Objective 1.2 Explain the security risks pertaining to system hardware and peripherals – Cell Phones

Cell phones pose a couple threats that you should know about.  The first threat is loss or theft of sensitive data that a user legitimately stores on their phone as part of their work activities.  The portable nature of mobile phones makes them easy to lose or get stolen.  To help prevent the data from falling into the wrong hands, the phone should be set to require a password to unlock it after periods of inactivity.

Cell phones also pose a threat to secure facilities.  They have the ability to copy and transmit sensitive data.  Even if there is a policy that prohibits cell phones from a secure area, it is hard to detect policy violations.  A faraday cage can be used to prevent cell phone usage.  A faraday cage is a metallic enclosure that keeps the phone’s electromagnetic signals from escaping.

Bluejacking and bluesnarfing are also concerns when using cell phones.  They will be covered in their own sections

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