Security+ Objective 1.1 – Differentiate among various systems security threats – Spam

Spam is unwanted email that is forced upon you without your consent.  Its name comes from a “Monty Python” skit about the prepackaged meat called “Spam”.  You don’t need to know that for the exam, but if you search for the skit on YouTube you will see that it is a very fitting depiction.

Spam is very effective because it uses the standard e-mail port 25, which we leave open on the firewall because it is required for the good email to get through (more on “ports” later).

If someone is getting a lot of email from unknown sources like online vendors and pharmacies, that’s spam.  It can generate a lot of traffic that wastes company bandwidth even before you can delete it.  A huge majority of all email sent today is spam.

Note: Spam may be malicious sometimes, but it isn’t software. It’s just junk e-mail, so it doesn’t fit in the category of malware.

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